Argh!FX is a point and click adventure game engine. Remember those good old days of playing point and click adventure like "Sam and Max Hit the Road", the "Kings Quest" series, "Grim Fandango" and my personal favourite the "Gabriel Knight" series? The aim of Argh!FX is to provide a modern, scalable and scriptable C++ based engine for these types of games.

Wracky and I co-designed the engine. Currently however the design is still in a state of flux as we are still in relatively early development stages and are figuring out what exactly it is that we want. My own coding for Argh!FX is mostly in the geometric and mathematical side of things. Argh!FX includes a partial DCEL implementation and an extensive collection of supporting geometry classes for vectors, lines, intersections, rectangles, polygons, etc. Right now I'm working on the scene graph implementation and associated things such as a quadtree implementation. Next will come some basic physics and further development on the DCEL implementation. A custom script engine with a virtual machine should also be in the works somewhere down the line.