Some time back in late 2002, early 2003, when I was working as a service & repair engineer at one of the Netherlands' largest computer retailers I created a bootable Tools CD much like the Ultimate Boot CD available now.

During the creation and updating of this Tools CD I came into contact with Memtest86 and later with Memtest86+. Memtest is a tool to test the correct functioning of the memory subsystem of an x86 compatible computer. Memtest86+ is a fork created in early 2004 from the original Memtest86 program when the original, which enjoyed no updates for almost two years, was found not to be working on the first released AMD64 platforms.

Naturally I was much interested in tools such as memtest and not long after Memtest86+ was first released I joined the Memtest86+ forum and in early 2005 I created the Memtest86+ FAQ and became moderator of the forum.