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Stichting Aap is a Dutch foundation that manages a rescue centre and sanctuary for exotic mammals. Many people think that having an exotic animal for a pet is just unusual and fun, but they don't realize the hurt they bring to these animals. When the animal in question is still young and small it is still easy to handle and of course very cute, but of course after a while, like any animal in this world, including ourselves, these animals grow up. What people people don't realize is that an adolescent or mature exotic animal is a wild animal, even if brought up in captivity. Such an animal will tear the house down and retaliate by biting when feeling threatened or attacked. Because of this many of these animals end up abused, beaten and alone, often times in a very small cage or at the end of a very short chain.

Stichting Aap rescues these animals from all over Europe and tries to find a good home for them for the rest of their lives, as many of these animals will never be capable of being released into the wild. Although they are still wild animals, being brought up in captivity, without any of their own kind, and a dependency on humans for survival they have never learned the abilities that they require to survive in the wild. At the rescue centres of Stichting Aap they are given proper care and given the time for them to recover from the ordeals they have been through, both physical and mental. Once the animals have been able to recover the search for a suitable home is on, a place where they can share their lives with animals who befell a similar fate in large natural enclosures in which they can roam free.

You can support Aap. In the Netherlands supporting Aap can be as easy as carrying around an Air Miles card with Aap's name on it. All your saved miles will be automatically donated to Stichting Aap. If you bank at ING you can also donate your interest points to Stichting Aap. If you live outside the Netherlands you can of course still support Stichting Aap with a donation by bank transfer or using the online donation form.